Access to our Vip System is easy, free and convenient!

You've just to suscribe to BlueRibbonLab to become a "BLUE MEDAL" user and you can begin your road to climb all the steps to become a "GOLD MEDAL".


Every purchase you made on BlueRibbonLab we will give you BRP (BlueRibbonPoint), based on the conversion table shown on this page. Each BRP has duration of 365 days from its accreditation. Your VIP status depends, therefore, on number of points you accumulated in last 365 days.


Each VIP status (starting from Bronze) gives you a personal and exclusive discount that will be applied to the price of each item on BlueRibbonLab, with the exception of the "OUTLET" items.
Also for "PROMO" products, the VIP discount will be applied in addition to the promo discount planned for all users.
In the case of "OUTLET" item, VIP discount will not apply, but will be acquired corresponding points to the amount you spent.

1,00 € = 1 BRP
Class how to get the class
how to keep the class
how to increse the class conversion points additional discount
Blue Just suscribe Keep registered Proceed with a purchase
1,00 € = 1 BRP 0,00%
Bronze Proceed with 1 purchase
you must have made 1 purchase 
in last 365 days
300 BRP
1,00 € = 1 BRP 5,00 %
Silver 300 BRP you must have achieved
at least 300 BRP in last 365 days
700 BRP
1,00 € = 1,5 BRP 7,50 %
Gold 700 BRP you must have achieved
at least 700 BRP in last 365 days
You have already achieved 
the top!
1,00 € = 2 BRP 10,00 %