Story of a modern myth
In 1971 Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight (who had in common a passion for track and of 'Oregon University), after selling for a few years sports shoes imported from Japan, they pay $ 35 for the realization of the logo of their emerging enterprise ; thus saw the Nike brand and the "mythical" Swoosh (in Italian translates as "whisker"); a comma, a fast section that transmits movement and dynamism, and whose universal recognition amounted only to Coca Cola brand.
Thing that makes Nike a modern myth is certainly the extraordinary cleverly used the power of image in advertising campaigns that have made history; not to mention the great sporting ambassador, Tiger Woods, Michael Johnson, Cristiano Ronaldo, Michael Jordan,
which it has become one with the same brand.
In confirmation of the uniqueness value that Nike was able to give in his shoes we just think of those models that despite having "30 years on the shoulders do not show them ..." we are talking about two great classics in the history of Nike, like the Air Force 1 and Air Max 1.
The first, born in 1982, immediately became a status symbol; Nike Air Force 1 while remaining unchanged in substance have been subject to extreme customization (there are over 1,700 colors) and have given rise to phenomena of unbridled collecting. Moreover, they were the first basketball shoe to use the Nike Air technology.
The Air Max 1 instead, they simply made history; They were in fact the first to have the cushion of air on demand and for this to be a genuine "Revolution" as the Beatles sang in the television commercial that advertised.
But if the myth would not renew to celebrate himself in a sterile manner, so Nike focuses on the search for innovative technologies and new style paths; as in the case of Roshe Run which, starting from an inspiration Zen become example of simplicity, style and comfort like no other.

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