A Shot at Glory - forever faster

When in 1924 the brothers Dassler decided to put into practice the teachings of his father, the Bavarian cobbler, hardly could have imagined that a little later their paths would be divided to create, respectively, two of the world's largest sports multinationals.
In 1948 creates the "Puma" brand and still the image of the prancing cat is 100% the company's spirit: be bold, agile, nimble and projected to the future.
Over the years Puma has kept his fighting and winning spirit allying to itself (among others) the fastest man in the world, six Olympic gold medals to date: Usain Bolt.
But be bold also it means accepting new challenges, such as exit the "enclosure" of the sports world to explore the jungle of urban fashion. And it is the melting pot of Street Basketball & 80's style today are repeated patterns icon with important innovations in materials.
Examples are the Firstround Ls and Slipstream combining brilliantly bold and distinctive look to a classic silhouette for a result to be "ghetto chic"; and finally, the iconic model of the history of Puma, or the Suede Classic.
The styling refinements continue with more ambitious collaborations with Guru of fashion and design as Jil Sander, Alexander McQueen, Mihara Yasuhiro and Philippe Starck.
All this makes Puma, which combines cutting-edge, tradition and ambition, that is, the ingredients for a successful story.

Puma - Woman
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