When the future looks back through the eyes of tomorrow.

If there is a brand that has managed to rise again like a phoenix from the ashes urban Reebok Classic; a line of sneakers that combines features vintage and cutting-edge materials.
In the '80s Reebok launched on the market the Pump technology which was used to "inflate" the upper of the shoe around the foot, making it strong and firm, yet soft. It was a worldwide success that generated a real "arms race" by competitors of the companies.
After a few years on the sly, Reebok back on the scene with the Classic line, a mix of vintage-style key.

Among the most popular models are without a doubt the Classic Leather, a true milestone in Reebok history that never stops being fashionable.

GL 6000 MID RW
GL 6000 MID RW
Reebok classic - Man
GL 6000 MID RW
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